High performance denim made from previously loved knits, undies, jeans and everything in between. Manufactured in one vertically integrated facility using recycled water, solar power and resource efficient technologies.

Previously Loved Clothing
Ever wonder what happens to that old sweatshirt after you part with it? Unfortunately, 95% of old clothes could be recycled, but only 15% are. Most ends up in landfills.

Recycling Plant
Our family-owned manufacturing facility has opened the largest textile recycling plant in all of Asia. We buy truckloads of post-consumer waste from all over the world so we can break down used plastic bottles, t-shirts, undies, and more, and turn them into new fibers.

We’ve partnered with Recover™, a leading material sciences company that transforms waste into sustainable recycled fibers, closing the loop on fashion. RecoverTM recycled cotton fiber is markedly better for the environment than conventional cotton, and even organic cotton.

The magic happens when we weave Recober™ fibers together with high-tech Modal, Tencel, and stretch to create brand new yarns. Each meets our high feel and fit standards, with a lower impact on the planet than traditional yarns.

Waterless Finishing
Laser and Ozone Technologies give that authentic denim look without the environmental impact. We invest in this innovative technology to create cutting edge effects without the harmful chemicals and wasted water used in traditional washing techniques.

Ethical Manufacturing
From air quality to safety procedures our facilities are designed for optimal working conditions. We adhere to the strictest international quality standards because we believe true sustainability means taking care of the planet and the people on it, too.

We work hard to deliver you jeans that fit like a dream, will last a lifetime, and are good for the planet. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is hard, and we’re here to help.

As denim nerds, we let the
numbers speak for

Here’s your jean by the
Fabric Composition
Denim that's
not thirsty.
This jean uses 18.55 liters of
Recover     fibers
Denim that
loves to
Our self-generating
power plant uses solar panels
and heat recovery to power
0.55 kWh
is used for this jean.
A regular 60W light bulb
uses the same energy
just in 11 hours.
0.55 kWh
Washing Machine
45 min
Tumble Dryer
50 min at 50°C
Hydro Extraction
5 min
Garment Dip (Softner)
3 min
Ozone Treatment
1 min
We play
laser tag
all day
Your favorite denim effects
are created with laser and
Ozone technologies, not with
chemicals and water.
Now that you’ve
got our numbers,
send us a photo of
you in your new
favorite jeans.